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What is a baby cot?

For centuries, we have used a baby cot as a bed for our babies. Good baby cots are used for kids capable of standing in their cot or lying down comfortably. At Chilux, we re-defined a baby cot as a multifunctional baby crib that has 6 different modes suitable for babies from newborn to 12 years old. That’s how we stand out in the market.

The advantages of baby cot

Parents buy baby cot for their baby’s comfort sleep, but there are more deep advantages of a baby cot that serve its owner well.

First and foremost, a baby cot plays as a secure bed for the baby. As a baby sleeps, he always tries to roll over and potentially fall off his bed, but with a baby cot, your baby can safely roll over all night.

Most parents work all day and are tired in the evening, when they meet their newborn, which also differentiate a “secure bed” from a normal bed, a cot clearly gives away parents’ stress when taking care of their baby at night. For the parents can always take a glance at their cot instead of worrying about their baby’s sleep all the time, they release a lot of their stress after a long day.

Not all babies have a strong immune system, some may easily get sick by wind or pet’s hair. Baby cot is created to solve that problem. With a mosquito net included when buying a cot, parents will best care for their babies, help their child grow strong and healthy at a young age.

Suitable age of baby cot

Studies found that a baby should sleep in his cot until at least 3 years old. Because after 3, babies can have their own sleep pattern and be able to control their body not to fall over their bed.

However, the fact that parents buy a cot for their babies to use in 3 years while many cot has nearly a 10 year lifespan is a waste of cot usage.

What if we can turn a used cot into a larger bed, suitable for bigger babies?
When babies go to school, what if we can use his beloved cot as a fully functional desk?

Actually, we can make it with Chilux Cot, which is 6-mode compatible. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, our cot will serve you the best.


Some baby cot brands use metal for their cot. Although metal is strong, it is better to use wood for baby cot’s material because of its durable and warm characteristics. Moreover, wood cribs are safe and eco-friendly for baby’s health. The most popular types of wood used for manufacturing baby cots are oak, beech, ash, maple. Pine cots however, are the most affordable. Pine meets the requirements for safety for children’s furniture as well as durability and strength. When choosing a wood cot for your baby, make sure that the paint cover is eco-friendly and non-toxic for kids. Although natural wood cot is considered better than painted cot, some water-based paint can be used for cots because it is safe and not causing any harm for babies.

Beside choosing a natural cot color, you can choose baby cots in white for important reasons. White brings a modern look for your house and the color can be easily blended into any furniture nearby. Using a white cot also helps parents easily notice dirt spots on their baby’s cot to wipe out and keep the cot in clean condition.


When we talk about the definition of baby cot, there are 3 main types of cots: Crib, Cradle and Bassinet. Each type comes with different sizes and materials, those cots will best serve your newborn.

This is a crib. This is a cradle. This is a bassinet.

Although these types of cots were popular in the past, they lack safety features that modern cots have, which will be stated later in this article.

When we see today cots in multiple brands on the market, we would come across modern types of baby cots such as: Cots on wheels, Big-bed cots, Foldable cots, Multifunctional cots, Luxury cots, Cheap/Affordable cots. Parents today can choose cots not only for their newborn, but also cots being able to turn into a big bed pairing with parents’ bed or a desk usable for 6 - 12 years old kids. Chilux baby cots are created for that ideal usage.

Cots on wheels

Cots with wheels are really useful when parents want to move their cots from one room to another to better monitor their babies.

Make sure the cot's wheels have brakes for baby’s safety.

Big-bed cots

Newborns grow really fast each month but, some parents do it wrong when choosing a small cot for their children, because some small cots are unusable after a few months due to babies’ development.

Therefore a big bed cot is built to solve that problem of small cot. Another advantage of big cots is its capability to pair with parents’ beds. Big cots is also used as a play space for toddlers, since toddlers can stand up, we should use cots that have changeable depth as a big cot.

Foldable cots

Known as portable cots, these types of cots are valuable when parents decide to put their cots in a storehouse when the kid is old enough and wants to use his bed instead of cot.

Should you buy a foldable cot? Yes, because of its advantages above, but no, you should look for the next cot we are talking about.

Multifunctional cots

This particular type of cot is amazing, not only because of its design, but also its benefits for parents and babies. A Chilux multifunctional baby cot can turn into a toddler cot / a full-size bed / a desk / a bed pairing with parents’ bed or a portable playard.

Also, parents can pull-out an included diaper changing table for babies right on top of the cot.

It’s so convenient when your baby grows over time and his cot can also turn into a bigger bed or a desk for him.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about buying additional bigger beds or desks for your kids, not to mention the interior space is saved a lot.

Another big advantage of a Chilux multifunctional baby cot is that it is made from Newzealand pine wood with the most secure and durable design, because we know babies can use our cot from newborn to 12 years old.

If your baby hasn't got his own cot or you know he’s growing everyday and his current cot will not fit in the next months, you can order one from Chilux and enjoy your no-worries journey with your baby.

Oval baby cot

An oval cot has many advantages over a rectangle cot in that it looks very elegant and modern. Also, an oval cot is more safe for babies because it has no corner that babies can potentially hurt themselves.

Chilux oval cots are our high-end cots that contain all features and benefits of multifunctional cots plus the abilities to turn into round cots for infants and tables for older kids.


Here are some question parents usually wonder themselves before choosing their babies’ cot:
Question 1: What are the suitable baby cot sizes for my baby?
Ideally, the cot’s length should be at least 40-50 cm longer than the height of the child, so that the baby has free space both above and below. The cot’s width should be spacious for the baby to freely roll over or stretch arms when sleeping. Normally, babies can grow 10-20 cm each year and toddlers can grow 5-6 cm every year, some parents usually spend money on new cots to fit their kids’ growth. But your cot can save you money if it is able to change into bigger sizes as a Chilux multifunctional cot:

Question 2: How to select the best baby cot price?

There are many baby cribs types with diverse and rich designs from different manufacturers that confuse parents. To avoid bad baby cots, parents should choose ones that are priced above 150 dollars. Some luxury cot may cost more than 1000 dollars for your information.

Question 3: Where to buy a baby cot?
You can come to our showroom in Singapore at 31, Woodlands Close, Woodlands Horizon, #01-28 Singapore 737855

Question 4: What are important baby cot accessories I should know about? These are some important accessories for your baby cot such as cot’s rail protector, cot bed bumper, mattress, toys, cot’s canopies and decorations. When parents get a Chilux cot, they can also get a free cot’s canopy for mosquito net and free rail protectors. The Chilux coir mattress for maximum safety for the baby's spine is included from combo 2 and above.

Question 5: What defines a safe baby cot?

Scientifically speaking, a safe baby cot should follow these cafeteria: Depth: the distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the cot sides should be at least 50cm, to prevent your baby from climbing out when they become more mobile.

Cot bars should be vertical; if they are horizontal your baby could use them as a ladder to climb out. Also, the distance between the bars should be no more than 6.5cm apart so your baby can't get stuck between the bars of the cot. It is also recommended by some experts that cots with bars on all four sides are better than cotton cots, as they allow air to circulate freely while your baby sleeps.

New cot mattress is recommended over a second-hand mattress - carefully check that it's clean, dry and free from cracks or tears. Your cot mattress should be firm, with no sagging and fit the cot snugly, with no gaps. The mattress needs to be kept as clean and hygienic as possible. You can either use one with a wipe-clean covering or a removable top panel that you can wash at a high temperature. Alternatively, you could use a mattress protector, which covers the mattress to stop it getting wet if the baby dribbles or their nappy leaks.

Choose a mattress that feels firm rather than soft, your baby needs support while he is sleeping. It should be no thinner than 8cm. Coir cot mattresses are highly recommended.

Question 6: What does eco-friendly cot mean?
Eco-friendly cots are cots made from eco-friendly materials coming with natural mattresses. The idea is to create a non-toxic environment for babies to safely sleep, which better babies’ growth and developments.

At Chilux, we use Newzealand pine woods to build our cots, and we also create coir mattresses which are best suitable for babies’ spine.