Storage instructions:

  • When water is poured into the wood, it is recommended to use a dry rag to quickly wipe the wet surface, avoiding the water to penetrate deeply into the wood.
  • Wood surfaces should be cleaned regularly (once a month). Use sandpaper (included  accessory) to gently rub on dirty surfaces, so that the crib is always clean and fresh.
  • Check the screw holes, if loose, use the available screwdriver set to tighten.


  • Baby cot product is 3-year warranty.
  • Condition: Product damage during usage by manufacturer defects such as: Material is changed during usage, screws, wheels, damaged wood, mold, damaged connectors, making it impossible to adjust the mode.
  • All costs incurred during the warranty period are completely refund.

Exchange Policy:

To ensure our customers benefits, Chilux introduce product exchange policy with the following specific regulations::

  • If product was defective when the customer received it (the box or the product did not match what is described on the website).
  • Productis damaged, broken, cracked.
  • Productis that has manufacturer defects.
  •  If the product has any manufacturer defect during the 100 days.

Shipping Policy:

When receiving product, customers should note the following:

  • Open the package and compare the quantity of goods against what the delivery note says.
  • Check the actual product whether it matches the one that you ordered or not.
  • Check the packaging and product for damage due to transportation or not, are the goods still in their original condition and full accessories and warranty card (if any) or not?

>> If you are not satisfied with 1 of the 3 conditions above, please contact our hotline: 1800 6464 78 (free of charge) to be resolved.

  • In some cases, Chilux may delay delivery due to bad weather conditions, unfavorable traffic conditions, damaged vehicles on the way of delivery, problems during shipment.
  • In the meantime, if you have any questions about shipping information, please contact Chilux numbet 1800 6464 78 for assistance.

Quality Warranty:

  • All Chilux woods for production have been processed by experts through many stages of anti-termite, warping, surface sanding.
  • The wood used for production has been kiln-dried for optimum moisture levels, eliminating the possibility of seasonal expansion.
  • Each Chilux product is subjected to rigorous quality inspections by a team of professionals.
  • Chilux always listens to our customers feedback to improve our products and always understands the wishes of customers and tries to bring the best quality products possible.

All costs for products under warranty are free of charge.

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